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Assembly With Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) have long been an option for parts assembly in a wide variety of applications....

US Pushes Fair Trade as Economic Talks With Japan Advance

WASHINGTON--The Trump administration is advocating for a more balanced trade relationship with Japan as high-level economic talks with the Asian nation advance this week in Washington, according to Vice President Mike Pence....

Fasteners for Foam and Honeycomb

Celebrity auto critic Jeremy Clarkson once called the Audi TT “the Mac Daddy of sport coupes.”...

Defending Made-In-The-USA Claims

We’ve all heard the adage that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. When it comes to product labeling and advertising, particularly “made-in-the-USA” claims, the three most important considerations are substantiation, substantiation, substantiation....

Debate over steel tariffs misses the mark

In his August 2017 editorial, “Tariff Debate Pits Producers Against Consumers,” chief editor John Sprovieri clearly posed the dilemma of low-priced Chinese steel imports, which have severely impacted the U.S. steel industry. ...

Surface Treatments Improve Adhesion to Composites

A variety of in-line surface treatment technologies are available to promote adhesion in thermoset and thermoplastic composites....

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  • CZ488 Oscillating 1500W Ceramic Tower

    CZ488 Oscillating 1500W Ceramic Tower

    This tower heater features 80 oscillation and an energy efficient ceramic element Operates at 3 settings fan only function for all seasons high heat and low heat The stay-cool body with easy carrying

    $37.00 More Details
  • CZ600 Low Profile

    CZ600 Low Profile

    Always rely on comfort zone-Americas heating and cooling choice This baseboard heater gives immediate and safe heat Operates at two settings 750 or 1500-watt The adjustable thermostat provides automat

    $52.00 More Details
  • TCH7690ER 28 Ceramic Tower Heater w/Eco

    TCH7690ER 28 Ceramic Tower Heater w/Eco

    Save energy and enjoy warmth from the Delonghi 28 Ceramic Tower Heater TCH7690ER This oscillating digital heater cleans and distributes warm air quickly and efficiently Its easy-to-use digital display

    $89.00 More Details
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