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Strong Surge in Home Comfort for 2nd Straight Month

The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers’ (AHAM) November shipment numbers showed an increase in overall major appliances, jumping to 5,933.2, a 1.8% increase from November 2017. The year-to-date number fell to 71,905, a decrease of 0.4% over 2017. ...

Flow-Fasteners for HVAC Assembly Challenges

HVAC products and services offered to the consumer come with little to no room for revamping. As the cost of energy continues to rise, manufacturers have come under pressure to meet production goals, such as reducing energy usage, maintaining occupant comfort, and sustaining high levels of energy savings throughout the year. ...

Air Conditioning Systems Market Accounts Significant Growth by 2024

Air conditioning systems have been witnessing a surge in demand from both commercial and resi-dential applications....

2019 AHR Expo Showcases Excitement for HVACR, Global Market Expansion

The 2019 AHR Expo returned to Atlanta for the first time since 2001 and by all accounts the Show delivered....

Johnson Controls Expands Applied Systems Focus on Taiwan

Chillers, Air-Handling Units and other Applied Equipment will have stronger presence....

Nidec ASI, BARTHOLET Work Together to Build Ropeways of the Future

Nidec ASI, head of the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform belonging to the Nidec Group, and BARTHOLET (Bartholet Maschinenbau AG), a leading company in the field of ropeway systems, have signed a new multi-year trade agreement, which will run until 2022, for the construction and sale of ropeways all over the world....

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