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Bridging the Gap: Connecting the Nonconnectable

Bridging the gap is a popular idiom derived from Old English. In its earliest use—and not surprisingly—bridge meant “to make a causeway” and gap meant “an opening in a wall.” So, to the drywallers, civil engineers, and road construction crews of the early 14th century (Ha!), bridging a gap was quite literal. ...

Elasto Proxy Honors Women in Manufacturing During Week of International Women's Day

Global supplier of industrial rubber products celebrates the contributions of women workers at time when many manufacturers struggle to find workforce talent....

Gleason to Acquire Faessler Honing Business from Daetwyler Group in an Asset Deal

Gleason Corporation announced the signing of a definitive agreement with Daetwyler Industries AG and MDC Max Daetwyler AG to acquire all assets of Daetwyler’s Faessler gear honing business....

Selecting Refrigerant Gas Detection Systems for ASHRAE 15 Compliance In Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous. There are a variety of reasons for employing refrigerant gas detectors to alert when a leak takes place. ...

Strong Surge in Home Comfort for 2nd Straight Month

The Association of Home Appliances Manufacturers’ (AHAM) November shipment numbers showed an increase in overall major appliances, jumping to 5,933.2, a 1.8% increase from November 2017. The year-to-date number fell to 71,905, a decrease of 0.4% over 2017. ...

Flow-Fasteners for HVAC Assembly Challenges

HVAC products and services offered to the consumer come with little to no room for revamping. As the cost of energy continues to rise, manufacturers have come under pressure to meet production goals, such as reducing energy usage, maintaining occupant comfort, and sustaining high levels of energy savings throughout the year. ...