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Motion Industries Names New Prez

Motion Industries, Inc. announced the promotion of Randall (Randy) P. Breaux to President on December 12, 2018....

DC Motors as Generators

Every now and then, I’m asked about the suitability of small DC motors for use as a generator. The fundamental statement is that motors with low power losses are equally efficient when operated as generators. ...

Which Variable-frequency Drive Approach Is Right for Your Motor?

You’ve heard the news, you’ve jumped on the wagon, and now you’re enjoying the ride. A drive-controlled, permanent magnet AC (PMAC) motor is the new standard for the industry—no matter the industry. Whether you call it a variable-frequency drive (VFD), a variable-speed drive (VSD), an inverter, or an AC drive, you’ll need one, alongside the PMAC, in every application that comes your way.  ...

Master-Bilt Names Fuller VP Sales, Customer Care

Master-BiltŪ announced that Frank Fuller will assume the role of Vice President of Sales and Customer Care....

Five HVAC/R Industry Trends to See at AHR 2019

When the HVAC industry converges on Atlanta for AHR Expo 2019, attendees can expect to see manufacturers showcase products aiming to be both smarter and more efficient—automation and connectivity will continue to drive home and commercial innovation, and components throughout the trade floor will aim to keep pace with federal regulations....

White Goods and Fastener Assembly

In the past, white goods were offered by the manufacturer and the customers, generally, had no design input. However, as the demand for customization increased and the competitive market expanded, manufacturing was under pressure to produce a smarter, more reliable and more attractive product....