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Cal Poly Competes in Third Season of SAE Baja Competition with SMTCL

pNew car design built with SMTCL equipment finishes fourth out of 108 teams./p...

Matching Up: Selecting the Right Seals for Consumer Appliances

pDesigning consumer appliances is challenging, often involving a multitude of regulations and always a unique set of cost and lifecycle requirements. One thing making designers’ lives easier these days is the wide range of sealing materials that meet water, food and beverage regulations./p...

The Development of the Axial Integral Horsepower Motor

pTraditional radial and external rotor motors in the marketplace today inherently present manufacturers with some constraints: e.g., size, weight and the need to stock many designs to meet different customer specifications./p...

The Importance of Quality & Standards

pFrom the food we eat to the products we use, quality is very important. In fact, the success of any company depends on the quality of the product or service it offers. For manufacturing companies, factors such as safety, efficiency and reliability all affect the quality of a product and ultimately influence overall customer satisfaction./p ...

What Young Professionals Entering the Pump Industry Should Know

pBell & Gossett Vice President Mark Handzel offers advice to new engineers entering the pump industry. /p...

Why (and How) We Choose

pSeveral months ago I wrote about the Cynefin Model and the benefits of keeping things simple to the decision-making process. And a large part of decision making has to do with choice, or more accurately, the number of choices we have. Enter the “psychology of choice.”/p ...