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The Shift towards Energy Efficient Appliances Continues to Drive Growth in the Home Appliance Market

The outlook for the home appliance market looks positive. Relatively better economies across global markets, with growth in the housing sector, including home refurbishments, growth in nuclear families, urbanization, improvement in lifestyle, and more disposable income amongst younger consumers are some of the key economic drivers of growth in the home appliance market....

The Cooling Industry’s Hottest Trends

Let’s take a fresh look at the latest technologies and innovations happening in the cooling industry. More options are available than ever before as the industry pushes advancements in energy efficiency, sustainability, design flexibility and smart capabilities....

Fan Performance Testing

Do you ever wonder where fan manufacturers get their fan performance numbers Typically, we buy products based on recommendations from our friends or by reading the product information posted by the manufacturer....

Force Sensing & Appliance HMIs

With sleek and sophisticated touch-based human machine interfaces (HMIs) now so prevalent in our everyday lives—thanks to widespread adoption across the portable electronics sector—continued use of mechanical functions elsewhere seems increasingly antiquated.  ...

Cal Poly Competes in Third Season of SAE Baja Competition with SMTCL

New car design built with SMTCL equipment finishes fourth out of 108 teams....

Matching Up: Selecting the Right Seals for Consumer Appliances

Designing consumer appliances is challenging, often involving a multitude of regulations and always a unique set of cost and lifecycle requirements. One thing making designers’ lives easier these days is the wide range of sealing materials that meet water, food and beverage regulations....