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Shop Layout - Affects Performance and Perception

The efficiency of a detail operation can be directly affected by the way the detail shop is laid......

Paper Work - Bookkeeping and Accounting

Congratulations! Your detail operation is up and running and you have customers. So now that your......

Coatings - Unraveling the Mystery, Part I

The automotive detailing world is seemingly in its “second round” of buzz about ceramic coatings.......

Vinyl and Plastic Panels - The Simplified Cleaning Process: Spray, Scrub, Wipe

One of the materials we must deal with during an interior detail is the plastic and vinyl panels.......

Equipment - Clean Faster and Better; Save Time and Money

Most service-related industries are dependent upon a set of specialized equipment and tools to......

Wrap-up - Mobile Tech Expo

The 16th annual Mobile Tech Auto Recon Expo (MTE) took place January 19-21 in Orlando, FL. It was......

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