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Laundry News:

Interior Detailing - Common Errors and How to Fix Them

The greatest reward for the automotive detailing professional is the enthusiastic approval of the......

Insurance - You Canít Afford not to Have It

A customer calls your shop wanting a detail and you tell him about your free pick-up and delivery......

No More Cancellations - Missed Appointments Are Costly

In this monthís column, I would like to address an issue that is always lurking in the shadows, and......

Whatís Your Standard? The Three Starting-Package Menu

The title of this monthís column is a bit misleading. At first read, most will think Iím going to......

Revenue and Time - Right-Size These Elements in Your Operation

A complaint that I consistently hear in the automotive detailing industry is that the operation is......

Detail in Process - The Road to Efficiency and Effectiveness

In providing training for automotive detailing operations over the years, I have found that a......

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