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Lighting News:

Osram Opto adds IR LEDs for interior and exterior automotive applications

Safety and convenience applications for autos are enabled by infrared LEDs in differing spectral bands, and a selection of different beam patterns broadens the range of usage scenarios....

Philips says LED horticultural lighting makes a rosier rose

A newly tuned light recipe has improved the quality among growers in Holland....

LRC’s Mark Rea will lead UL circadian lighting task group

Circadian lighting recommended practice task group includes members from SSL industry, academia, the US government, the military, and more with the goal of publishing a recommended practice document by May 2019....

Fraunhofer says its new OLED bracelet can heal wounds

Like LED chipmakers, the OLED world is targeting new health-related markets. Both technologies continue to move beyond illumination....

Toronto town settles on smart street lights for now

Broader smart city functions could come later, but the clever, cost-saving LED lights will at first stick closer to illumination purposes....

LED business news: Lynk Labs IP, LEDvance, GE Lighting, and more

Lynk Labs plans proactive effort to collect licensing fees for AC LED technology, while MLS has become the sole owner of LEDvance and more rumors swirl about GE Lighting and Current divestiture....

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