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Lighting News:

French cucumber growers tune horticultural LED lighting from Signify for year-round production

Two greenhouses are the latest to tap lights from Signify with brightness levels and frequencies optimized for the vegetable....

GE Lighting expands Bluetooth-based smart SSL portfolio at CES 2019

The C by GE residentially-targeted smart LED lighting portfolio was expanded at CES with the company adding full-color LED lamps along with smart switches and accessories....

Sapphire Awards finalists forge new paths in solid-state lighting

LEDs Magazine is pleased to announce the product finalists across 19 technology categories in the 2019 Sapphire Awards....

Signify adds voice controls to help you wake up and go to sleep

At CES in Las Vegas, Signify shows Hue lights instructed by Google Assistant to slowly dim at night and brighten in the morning....

STRATEGIES IN LIGHT SPOTLIGHT Panelists will draw attention to SSL regulations and rebates

Consultant David Shiller talks about the regulatory and rebate landscape that will be featured in a Strategies in Light panel discussion....

Fiat Chrysler installs connected SSL in Detroit-area auto factories (UPDATED)

Wireless controls operate autonomously to set LED light levels based on occupancy, and programmatic controls can set levels based on the needs of manufacturing line workers for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles....

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