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Lighting News:

New York data center slashes energy usage with LED lighting and controls

Energy services company Fairbanks and IT company vXchnge report that a retrofit to LED lighting in a data center combined with autonomous controls has cut annual energy usage by 244,000 kWh....

Osram buys stake in retail industry software company

Lightings march into IT and the IoT continues apace, as Osram picks up a strategic share of a Swiss startup that engages shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores....

DOE publishes Gateway research on tunable LED lighting in education

The US Department of Energy has released data on its latest Gateway SSL trial where tunable LED lighting in classrooms was thought by teachers to improve the learning environment....

Cree adds high-current COB LEDs based on a metal substrate

The XLamp CMA chip-on-board LED family delivers more than double the lumen density of Cree’s existing Standard Density COB LEDs yet provide a lower-cost option to the company’s High Density products....

US DOE publishes 2017 SSL R&D plan for LED and OLED technology

The US Department of Energy expects warm white LEDs to reach near efficacy parity with cool-white LEDs by 2025, but OLED performance improvement is trailing expectations....

Target gives the go-ahead on IoT lights for indoor positioning at half its stores

At last the retailer and Acuity will roll out the worlds largest lighting-based indoor positioning system, using Bluetooth but not VLC....

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