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Lighting News:

STRATEGIES IN LIGHT SPOTLIGHT: Chasing rainbows — Does SPD hold the key to future LED performance?

Strategies in Light keynote speaker Eric Bretschneider delivers a fresh perspective on how the SSL industry might look beyond lengthy lab tests and develop confidence in predictive models that could be applied over and over, addressing a number of critical parameters....

Royal Philips ramps up its lighting business. Yes, that Philips.

Despite dumping LEDs and bulbs, the venerable Dutch giant doubles its capacity in modern light sources — VCSELs, that is....

LED business news: IP update on Eaton and Seoul; Forest moves to LEDvance

Eaton has settled a patent infringement action against other luminaire makers, while Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its IP action against retailer Fry’s; and MLS has made the move to combine Forest Lighting into its LEDvance business unit....

Buyout specialists eyeing LED technology giant Osram

Bain Capital is among the private equity firms that are interested in the LED and lighting technology specialist, and so are other types of companies, according to reports....

Holst and Fraunhofer claim world’s longest OLED

It rolled off the line at nearly 50 ft in a lower-cost production process that could now be ready for prime time....

Lumileds announces line of 2835 packaged LEDs for horticultural lighting applications

The Luxeon SunPlus 2835 LED portfolio includes monochromatic and phosphor-converted components that will support luminaire designs from single-channel broad-spectrum systems to multichannel tunable systems....

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