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Want to go to Italy?

Imagine this: You wake up in Italy with a full itinerary that you didn’t have to plan yourself. After getting dressed, you have breakfast with other sewists, discuss the plan for the day and get on a bus to travel … Continue reading →...

Emerson Crop Pants Sew Along, Week 2: Assembly Tips

Thanks for joining us for week two of the Emerson Crop Pants sew along! This week, we’re tackling the major construction steps for the pants. Review last week for tips on construction the pockets and pleats. And join us next … Continue reading →...

6 Spring Trends to Sew

Love them or hate the, fashion trends can infuse and inspire your sewing with new colors, silhouettes and accessories you might not otherwise explore. Spring is a great time to try new things, experiment and have fun with fashion. Here … Continue reading →...

Trading Spaces is Back Episode 1 Recap

Trading Spaces S9, E1 Recap: Not Our First Rodeo It’s season 9 of Trading Spaces, back after a 10-year hiatus, and I just had to watch the first episode and report! images courtesy of I loved Trading Spaces back … Continue reading →...

Emerson Crop Pants Sew Along, Week 1: Pattern Prep, Pleats & Pockets

Thanks for joining us for the Emerson Crop Pants sew along! These wide-legged crop pants are the perfect blend of style and comfort (via an elastic waist at the pant back). Seriously, you’re going to love the waistband! The recommended … Continue reading →...

Project Runway All Stars S6, E13: Finale Recap

Project Runway All Stars Season 6, Episode 13: History in the Making It’s the FINALE! photos courtesy of In this episode, the three remaining designers had to finish seven-piece collections to show on the runway for a few hundred … Continue reading →...

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