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Nora Doctor Bag Sew Along, Week 2: Double Welt Pockets

Did last week get you in the mood for bag sewing Us too! This week, pattern designer Alicia Miller presents her technique for double welt pockets. On the interior or as an exterior pocket, this technique is the perfect way to … Continue reading →...

A Look Into Steampunk: Fashion, Art & Technology

Steampunk, for the uninitiated is a sub genre of science fiction that masterfully blends Victorian and futuristic elements. Don’t confuse it with Goth or Emo. Steampunk in my opinion is far more artful. Here is a mini primer on Steampunk … Continue reading →...

How to Fit Pants

This article by Christine Jonson originally appeared in the April/May 2011 issue of Sew News. Save time and frustration by learning the steps to successfully fit a comfortable and flattering pair of pants, from choosing the right pattern and size … Continue reading →...

Dante Basco Talks With Sew News On Cosplay & More!

Now that it’s October, we’re thinking about costumes (of course!). While a lot of people do their costume sewing at this time of year only, some people are thinking about costumes year-round. That’s how cosplayers tend to think — they plan … Continue reading →...

Project Runway Recap, S 16, E 9: A “Little” Avant Garde

Project Runway Recap -Season 16, Episode 9: A “Little” Avant Garde photos courtesy of This episode started off as a continuation of last week. Did Claire cheat Or was she the clear winner of last week’s challenge I’ll just say: … Continue reading →...

Remembering John Denver With Anna Zapp

Today marks 20 years since the passing of John Denver, who was tragically killed in a plane crash off the coast of California on Oct 12, 1997. We celebrate the life of the humanitarian, political activist, award-winning songwriter and performer … Continue reading →...

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