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Waste patrol

Napkins, cups and utensils are line iteems on the P&L, and when control is put into guests’ hands, losses escalate....

5 big themes for tomorrow’s kitchens

Several overriding themes are influencing contemporary restaurant kitchen design and will continue to have an impact in the near future. Here’s what NAFEM and other industry insiders pinpoint as the top five....

Back to the future: Look inside tomorrow’s restaurant kitchens

The must-haves for modern restaurant kitchens are about much more than just technology. Here’s a look at the innovations that are shaping kitchen equipment and design....

New vs. used equipment

The conundrum facing operators is to go with new, used or both. Budget, needs and anticipated usage are the major considerations....

A turning point for POS

Apple Pay. Tap-and-Go. PayPal. EMV. In the ever-evolving world of payment, restaurants are being forced to reevaluate their POS systems and potentially spend large sums to upgrade with the times....

Dishwasher list

When asked by Fast Company magazine to name a must-have kitchen gadget not yet invented, Suzanne Goin, chef-owner of Los Angeles’ Lucques and A.O.C. restaurants, chose a tool that would automatically load the dishwasher....

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